Saturday, 2 May 2015

Twelve Boar Buffalo Chicken Wings Super Stupid Hot!

I have been craving Twelve Boar Buffalo Wings for days and today phoned up Twelve Boar Traditional American BBQ in Cleveland, Brisbane and asked them to make some Super Super Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings with sweet potato fries upgrade and coleslaw for hubby to pick up. 

When they arrived I ate the sweet potato fries first - they are delicious! I then dug into the buffalo wings and with the first bite my mouth was burning!!! I LOVE chilli and they wqere just perfect! I have developed a high heat tolerance and today I was sweating and my lips were tingling. I thanked hubby with a big kiss on the lips! 

Twelve Boar

Traditional American BBQ

Shop 70/90 Middle Street, Cleveland, QLD 4163
Phone: (07) 3286 1839

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