Saturday, 4 August 2012

A new food and travel blog by Vanessa Pike-Russell

"An Instant On The Lips - A Lifetime on the Hips!" my Mum said as I bit into another slice of lasagne (and many other indulgences) over the years. She's right, too. In a way it inspired my passion for food photography. I take the time to photograph important meals or new foodie items and in a way I savour them and immortalized that moment just before that instant on my lips. Today I read an article which proves Mum right
Since moving to Queensland in late 2011 I have been enjoying the exploration of new restaurants, cafes and markets. I decided to start a new blog since "Illawarra Food Reviews" was based on Illawarra, NSW. An Instant On The Lips covers my food travels around Australia, and soon the world.

Most of my posts will be done on my iPhone in real time and then added to later if needed.

If your business is featured in the blog and would like to arrange a more comprehensive restaurant review please email me at

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