Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lagoon restaurant, Wollongong NSW

I have always wanted to visit the Lagoon Restaurant, especially as it is primarily a seafood restaurant. It was my Mum's 60th birthday and my sister Renee was paying for our family (Renee, her son Levi, boyfriend Brad, Mum and I) for dinner and I was told to choose anything on the menu.

They had live mud crab on the menu at $129 a kilo. I asked how much one crab would be and they said around $129.

Mum and Brad both chose lobsters

I chose a plate of scampi, cooked in garlic butter. ($69)  

It wasn't on the menu (they had it served a different way) but I asked for it and they said yes, however there was SO much garlic and it had a raw taste to it. The scampi were very sweet and succulent but the garlic was too overpowering. 

My sister chose a cold seafood platter

My nephew had the fish and chips

The restaurant was VERY noisy. I think it was because most of the walls were  glass, which caused reverberation. The meals took forever to come out, over an hour. We had a seven year old with us,, my nephew Levi, who amused himself by playing Words With Friends against me on a 'Pass and Play' game. We had fun and he started to put words alongside a word, which was very clever for a seven year old.

The meals and drinks came to over $500.  I don't think I would go back. 

The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant

Stuart Park,
North Wollongong
Phone +61 2 4226 1677
Fax +61 2 4226 2125

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