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Recipe: Gluten-free beer recipe

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How to Make Gluten Free Beer - Recipe |
By logan albertson, eHow Member

Good gluten free beer is one of the most sought after items by celiacs, and one of the biggest challenges for home brewers. Many have just come to except that good gluten free beer is just an urban legend, it's not easy to find but it does exist. This article gives a detailed recipe for making a gluten free belgian wit style beer, and believe it or not, it is delicious.

Be aware, that Gluten free brewing can get a little complex, so this article is intended for experienced brewers. However, my intent is not to exclude anyone who want this information. If you need clarification on terminology or techniques you may want to view my other brewing articles, and you can always send your questions to me and I will get back to you.

This recipe is my own variation, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. The original recipe came from a brilliant Australian brewer named Andrew Lavery."


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