Sunday, 29 March 2015

Redlands Performing Arts Centre Tapas Friday

I saw a post on Redland Performings Art Centre Facebook page that Tapas Friday was back on March 27th and I told my husband that I would like to go. We arrived at 6pm and went into the RPAC building to order our tapas meals, with the music of Orsino's Safari outside. 

[  Redlands Performing Arts Centre - Tapas Friday No.1 March 27th, 2015 ]

[ Orsino's Safari performing ]

[ Tapas $13 per plate including Satay chicken skewer; Tuna avocado sushi; Beef meat ball with Okonomiyaki sauce topped with Bonito flakes; Vegetable spring roll; Garlic Naan bread. ]

Tapas Plate #1 is  a mixture of cuisines including sushi rolls. Not what you would normally think of when you think of tapas but tasty nonetheless. It wasn't Spanish food but Asian food including Japanese (Sushi, Meat balls with Okonomiyaki sauce), Indian (Garlic Naan), Malaysian (Satay sticks). Chinese (Spring roll). 
[ Flat Bread Pizzas $6  - Ham and Pineapple, Meatlovers ]
All of the tables had been taken as we had arrived an hour after it had started - oops! Oh well. I found a table with two spare seats and asked if I could sit with the group of ladies who quickly said that yes we could join them. I then got up and took some photos of the band and some of the audience. 

[ Orsino's Safari ]
[ Audience ]

About twenty minutes later our Tapas plates arrived. They had run out of spring rolls so only one of the plates had a spring roll and the other had extra sushi and satay sticks.

[ Meat balls with Okonomiyaki sauce; Tuna and avocado sushi; satay chicken stick, spring roll, garlic naan ]
[ Tuna and avocado sushi roll; satay chicken sticks; meat balls with Okomiyaki sauce, garlic naan, flat bread ]

The sushi was nice, as was the satay sticks and meat balls. The garlic naan was ok but the flatbread was hard to eat. All in all it was a nice meal that fulfilled. With a drink (cider for me, beer for hubby) it came to $40. Next time I will make sure we get there at 5pm and find a table nearer to the band.  It was an enjoyable night. We will be back!

[ Redland Performing Arts Centre ]

[ Redland Performing Arts Centre sign ]

Redlands Performing Arts Centre
2-16 Middle Street, Cleveland QLD 4163
Phone: (07) 3829 8131

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