Monday, 13 August 2012

Heritage seeds and an itchy green thumb

Since moving to QLD and renting our house my husband and I have developed itchy green fingers. I purchased a raised garden bed and in the next few days we will travel out to Mount Cotton for some mushroom compost and some soil. We have already planted some seeds and seedlings but my latest interest is heirloom / rare seeds.

My latest purchase of heritage seeds has me excited by its description:

* * * GOLDEN PEACH SULTAN * * * tomato seeds
( aka Fruitomato, Persian Golden Peach, Sultan of Oman )
Peachy-Golden Fruity Semi-Desert tomato

Originates from Ancient Oases of Persian Gulf Deserts ( thrives there up to present days! )


So AROMATIC and FRUITY , that it's used in EXOTIC WINE production, as ingredient for FRUIT JAMS / DESSERTS and EXTRAORDINARY TROPICAL SALSAS :

" Golden Peach Sultan " Fruitomato + Mango + Papaya !

Delicious Unfamiliar Flavour Twist in your dishes ! ( often said to be a blend of mango, peach and maracuya. Really Indescribable - need to taste for yourself ! )

A wonderful testimony to the botanical fact that Tomatoes are actually Fruits, not Veggies !

Succulent, Fleshy, with Fine Silky texture and Very Full-Flavoured ( sign of Nutritional Density)

Medium to Large, Plump, Appetizingly Lobed fruits are yielded in Continuous and Super-Abundant Harvests throughout the plants's life !With special care, Genetically capable of producing Giant fruit

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