Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wray Organics Store Tour and Tastings

On Saturday 8th of December my husband Philip and I went along to our local Wray Organics Market and Cafe for a 'store tour and tastings' which had been announced on their Facebook page.

Tastings included samples of their amazing organic products which included: fruit salad featuring jaw-droppingly delicious mango, watermelon, cherry, peach and some cream; next was sprouted bread with goats cheese and cherry tomato on top; then kale and asparagus salad with olive oil, lemon juice and sprouts; desert sample was a cup of christmas cheer including organic christmas cake with christmas CocoLuscious coconut icecream, mince pie,pouring cream and cherries. YUMM!

We also tasted some Ginger Beer made with Galangal - Thai ginger; and some coconut water - which I swear by to hydrate. To end our sampling experience, those that were game were given a taste of the Loving Earth AFA Blue Green Algae powder in water - which Marion our guide has every day. It tasted slightly like nori - which we love! Loving Earth AFA has amazing properties which you can read about here. 

My husband and I had a great morning and learned a lot about the huge range of products at Wrays Organics - my favourite store. 

I would rather have small amount of quality than a large amount of pesticides, meat and fish treated with antibiotics; preserved with chemicals, then tinted for attractiveness. Meat sold at Wray Organics is provided by the Meat-Ting Place - an organic butcher that preserves his meat the old fashioned way - with salt and natural tint of beetroot juice.  

Gone are the days I eat dried fruit full of sulphur. Of white flour bread that is so low in nutrients you may as well not eat it. Fruit picked green and gassed to ripen. Why spend money on cheap food that then goes off or has no taste.

The cherry tomatoes we tasted just EXPLODED with flavour. As did the other organic fruit we sampled.

The asparagus was so fresh and delicious we ate it raw. As did the kale and chard. So full of nutrients, fresh and organically farmed.

I just feel GOOD when I walk in and meander around Wray Organics and even better when I leave with new products to try as well as my favourites - such as the Goats Cheese Marinated; and Sheep's Milk Yoghurt. 

Elgaar Farm Bio Active (Probiotic)  milk is something I will be trying.

"Elgaar Farm’s unique probiotic milk – our fresh organic milk with the benefit of our unique probiotic cultures, adding numerous beneficial lactic bacteria and enzymes but tastes just like normal milk. Elgaar Farm Bio Active™ (Probiotic) Full Cream Milk is not homogenised, which means that the cream will rise naturally to the top. Just shake well if you prefer"

I am just so blessed to have such amazing store so close to where I live.


CocoLuscious (Coconut Milk Icecream)

Elgaar Farm Products

Loving Earth Products

The Meat-Ting Place Products

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