Monday, 7 January 2013

Restaurants: Hogs Breath Cafe, Raby Bay Cleveland - Surf and turf, prime rib

A favourite dining location of my steak-loving carnivore husband is the Hogs Breath Cafe. If he has a choice of where to eat at Raby Bay Marina, Cleveland that would be it - each and every time. I think we have dined there five times in one year, so you know how good the steaks must be.

We found our seats and I was instantly smiling at their Mix it with Midori $5 promotion. I love Midori. It was one of my first alcoholic drinks. The melon-flavoured liquer mixed with cranberry juice was just what I needed. Ahh! Philip, being the traditionalist he is, chose his favourite brew -Tooheys New.

[ Reef & Beef - $21.95 ]

[ Healthy Choice - medium well with salad $16.95 ]

Philip's prime Rib with salad wasn't quite as juicy as mine that was topped with the creamy chilli prawn sauce so we swapped half a steak as I'm not as fussy when it comes to my steak. I remember with a shudder my early days of steak always cooked 'well done'. I still remember the 'oh my god is that what steak is supposed to taste like' moment when I first had a bite of his medium-rare steak over seventeen (17) years ago.

One thing about the curly fries that you might know - they are coated in flour to help keep the curl. That means someone like myself who has to avoid wheat flour has to fight the urge to gobble them down as they are absolutely delicious. I did my best to pile some on Phil's plate and urge him to eat them or I would have to. Next time I'll just ask for some corn instead.

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Hogs Breath Cafe, Raby Bay Cleveland

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