Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My favourite treats - Good Earth Green Tea with Lemongrass

 One of my favourite treats of late is to squeeze a lemon into a cup of Good Earth Green Tea with Lemongrass. 

It is decaffeinated and is full of antioxidants and is perfect for drinking with a meal.

This blend starts with premium steamed green tea and is complemented with citrus flavors and lemongrass that's bold and delicious Good Earth Tea contains no sugar, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

The amazing smell of lemon and lemongrass means that you are treated to a big loving dose of aromatherapy and it helps cut any oils from a meal and is a natural breath freshener. Use the empty tea bag later on your eyes to reduce puffiness.

Empty the contents of the tea bag into a cup and pour hot water into it to continue the aromatherapy. I've also put it into my bathwater for a lemony bath. You could even smoke fish with it.

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