Saturday, 28 June 2014

Thai Siam: Mud Crab: salt and pepper; ginger and shallot

After seeing a photo of a mud crab on Thai Siam's Facebook page I asked the owner, Anna, if she would let me know when they got more in. I love mud crab and it had been far too long since the last time I had eaten it.

I received a phone call from Anna letting me know that they had mud crab in stock. I made a booking for Saturday night and waited with great anticipation for my mud crab meal.

When Lam came out with the crabs I almost swooned. Look at those huge crabs full of succulent crab meat!

[ Mud crab ]

While we waited we ordered some steamed dim sims

[ Steamed dim sims ]

[ Dipping bowl with tea and lemon slices] 

[ Fresh wet towels and crab claw cracker ]

After a short while our crabs arrive.  They smelled amazing!

[ Mud crab two ways - at front salt & pepper; at back ginger and shallots ]

[ Mud crab cooked with ginger and shallot ]

[ Photo by Anna Luan of Thai Siam ]

The crab meat was as sweet and flavoursome as I had hoped. I had the mud crab cooked fried in salt and pepper; hubby's crab was cooked with ginger and shallots. I tasted a bit of each and I preferred the salt and pepper. I enjoyed every last morsel and had so much fun prying out the flesh.  Hubby loved his crab and said that it was the most delicious since the one he had eaten in Penang. That's high praise from him. 

A delicious meal that we will long savour. 

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Thai Siam Restaurant

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Photojojo - The Camera Cookie Cutter Set

Have your camera "and eat it too" with this set of three camera shaped cookie cutters.

You get three different designs: an SLR, a classic rangefinder, and an old-school twin reflex camera.

The set also comes with a dough stamp, perfect for stenciling out camera details with frosting and sprinkles (take that, Ace of Cakes).

You'll even get a fool-proof cookie recipe that even the most culinary-challenged shutterbug can follow!

Just whip up a batch of sugary shutter treats, and you'll be the coolest kid at the camera club -- that's pretty sweet!

Buy them at Photojojo

Note: I was not paid in any way to share the awesomeness that is Photojojo

Monday, 23 June 2014

Menulog - order Take-Away and Home Delivery online

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Taylor's Aioli - a french-style Mayo with garlic

Taylor's Aioli - a french-style Mayo with garlic. 

Hubby came home with a jar of Taylor's Aioli one day and I just love the flavour. The jar says that it is delicious with fish and chicken but there are so many combinations it works with. My favourite of late is ham, cheese, tomato and aioli. Yumm! A great alternative to butter on sandwiches or as a dip with vegetables. 

Canola oil (antioxidant 307), water, egg yolk (5%), garlic (4%), sugar, milk solids, salt, acid (acetic), mustard flour, thickener (415), preservative (202)

 See more at:

Only $5.26 at Woolworths. A staple in my household. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Instant on the lips

A few people have asked me why I take photos of the food I eat.

That's easy. I like capturing that moment before the instant on the lips. 

If I am dining out and the food looks amazing, why not capture an image and share it with the world. 

I love promoting restaurants, cafes and eateries as well as new food products and services. 

There's that old saying. 

An instant on the lips a lifetime on the lips.

By taking a photo I am savouring every bite. 

Red Bay Brewery tour

 A visit to Red Bay Brewery in Cleveland, QLD Australia. A micro-brewery that allows you to brew up your own beer and bottle it. They offered a tour and tasting day on Groupon and my husband and I enjoyed getting to know our way around the brewery and then the tasting afterwards. 

[ Red Bay Brewery - tasting area and bottling area ]

[ Brew kettles ]
[ Lager - wheat - dark ]
[ Water lines - the water comes from Stradbroke Island ]

[ Crystal Malt ]
[Fridge full of ingredients ]

[ Ingredients ]
[ Belgian candi syrup ]
[ Yellow malt - Carra malt - black malt - chocolate malt ]

[ Orange ]
[ Barrels of customers who are brewing their beer ]
[ Beer brewing ]
[ Customer's beer brewing ]
[ Finished result - the keg ]
Now onto the tasting

[ Pear cider ]

[ Wilder Heffe ]
[ Wilder Heffe ]

[ Vanilla Pub Ale ]

[ Skinny Goat ]

[ English Bitter ] 

[ Ginger Beer ]
[ Four men light ]

[ Six of the beers (and cider) we tasted ]

 And onto the bottling

[ Bottles draining ]

 I didn't take any photos of the bottling process. We washed bottles and put them on the drainers to dry. We then filled the bottles and capped them, placing them into a cardboard box to take home.

Red Bay Micro-Brewery

7/77 Shore st West
Cleveland Qld. 4163

Ph 07) 3488 2739
Fx 07) 3488 2740

Tuesday 11am — 6:30pm
Wednesday 11am — 6:30pm
Thursday 11am — 7pm
Friday 11am — 7pm
Saturday 8am — 3:30pm

CLOSED –Sunday and Monday