Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Cleveland Markets - a foodie haven

Now under new management, there are new and exciting stalls to visit at what used to be called the Cleveland Village Bayside Market. It is now known just as the Cleveland Markets.

There is still all the amazing fruit and vegetable stalls the markets are famous for but there are also new foodie stalls such as:

  • Double Dipping
  • GoodMix Gluten-Free Superfoods
  • KatyKaty Cake Co.
  • Nutlicious
  • Rainbow Fruit Flats
  • Smokin' Pizza

Double Dipping

Seen at the Twilight Makers Market at Raby Bay, I was happy to see Double Dipping. They sell dips, feta, olive and pesto and have tastings of their products. I bought some delicious feta and then olives marinated in lemon, ginger and garlic. Delish!

Marinated olives with lemon, ginger and garlic

Marinated feta

Farm Fresh Raspberries

Nothing is better than farm fresh raspberries! Delicious. Priced at 2 punnets at $10 or 1 for $6.

GoodMix - gluten-free superfoods

Another new stall was GoodMix Gluten-Free Superfoods

What took my interest first was their BallBags. A premix bag of protein ball mixture. All you need to do is add coconut oil and mix, then shape into balls. I had a taste of the sample which was delicious. I bought a bag and will let you know what I think. Learn more about them here

There was also Blend 11. 
"Can be eaten with yoghurt, coconut yoghurt, smoothie, protein shake, chopped fruit, other breakfast…or made into slices / balls / muesli bars for lunch boxes or snacks." 
Learn more about it here

KatyKaty Cake Company

I was unfortunate that I didn't arrive at the markets until 11.30am and the markets start at 7am so KatyKaty Cake Co. had sold out of their macarons. Awww. The picture below was taken by KatyKaty Cake Co. when they had macarons. 

What I saw when I arrived:

I will be returning in a fortnight to try those macarons - or ask my hubby who is a morning person to grab some early!


I have seen Nutlicious at the Raby Bay Twilight Makers Markets. 

Such an amazing list of nuts. I found a new recipe - Chili Macadamias. Yumm!

Then an old favourite, salted pistachios

They also sell nougat. Delicious,amazing nougat. 

Something I bought last time I was at the Twilight Makers Market

They are amazingly moreish and satisfy my cinnamon addiction.
Much better than a cinnamon doughnut!

They have a websiteFacebook page also have a store in Cleveland near McDonalds in Shore Street West, Cleveland (towards Omiston) now that I will be visiting soon!

Store: 33 - 39 Shore Street West, Cleveland QLD 4163
Phone: (07) 3286 2790

Rainbow Fruit Flats

The Dragonfruit and Mango ice block was $3 and was delicious! There were a few shards of ice in the mix but it was still very refreshing and tasty. I bought a dragonfruit to take home and will open it soon. Next week I will buy some fruit flats. They sound delicious! View the Rainbow Fruit Flats website here

Smokin' Pizza

I was feeling very peckish and decided upon a Vibe pizza from Smokin' Pizza's portable woodfired pizza oven. Fetta, panchetta, cherry tomatoes, sweet chilli and yoghurt sounded like an amazing combination - and it was! 

Other pizzas were priced at $10 and included garlic bread, Troppo, Pepperoni, Meat Lovers, Vegetarian, Smokin Special. You can email info@smokinpizza.com.au

Transylvanian Cheese Pies

There was also the Transylvanian Cheese Pies but I was too full to partake this week. 

Cleveland Markets

Where: Bloomfield St, Cleveland QLD 4163
When: Every Sunday
More Info: 

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