Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Using the Free-Wines app at Cove Bar and Dining, South Bank

Today is my husband's birthday and we are celebrating by travelling to South Bank, Brisbane South to dine at Cove Bar and Dining. Located on the Brisbane River it has great views and today there is a lovely breeze. #covebaranddining @covebardining #brisbane #brisbaneeats #brisbanefood #brisbaneriver #brisbanesouth #SouthBank #southbrisbane @ CoveBar and Dining-SouthBank CoveBar and Dining-SouthBank We arrive and take our seats at a booth and are greeted by our waiter who offers us a selection of waters. We choose sparkling mineral water and then peruse the menus he leaves with us. We have already been on Cove Bar and Dining's website and perused the menus at leisure so we already know what we have decided upon. We are both Librans and take a while to decide so the fore-planning was necessary. For starters we chose the Peking Duck Spring Rolls with Chinese style roasted Peking duck, vermicelli noodles, shallots, hoisin sauce wrapped in a light pastry. Cove Bar and Dining, South BankCoveBarDining-SouthBankPhilip chose the Massaman Lamb Shanks with massaman curry sauce, baby onion, roasted potatoes, kaffir lime leaf, fried shallots and roasted cashew nuts. CoveBarDining-SouthBank
I chose the grilled Barramundi with potatoes, kale and sun-dried tomato. CoveBarDining-SouthBankCoveBarDining-SouthBank I also chose the Zucchini Chips side dish. They were amazing! CoveBarDining-SouthBankAfter we had spent $100 on food we used the Free Wines app to select the bottle of wine we wanted. First we had downloaded the Free Wines App Untitled
 Next we selected the location.
  Untitled Then we clicked on Cove Bar & Dining Untitled Then we click on wine selection

  There is a choice of Red or White. The choice was either a Clairault Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot or Hahndorf Sauvignon Blanc. We decided to go with the white and clicked the 'Order' button on the Free Wines app. We then showed the waiter the app and that we had selected the Hahndorf Sauvignon Blanc wine using the Freewines app and he came back with the bottle in an ice bucket.
The Hahndorf Sauvignon Blanc wine was very refreshing. From their website:
 Sauvignon Blanc is the signature variety of the Adelaide Hills and Hahndorf's is made in the classic Hills style. Super crisp and racy with a refreshing splash of passion-fruit, guava, and distinct lime-peel. Perfect for that chicken BBQ or crispy pork medallions.
Philip made it through most of his lamb shank, which was a huge effort as it was a very large portion. Unfortunately I could only eat half of my fish and was told that I couldn't take it away with me as Cove Bar and Dining doesn't have a license to do that. I was disappointed as I hate seeing food go to waste. The same was said about the bottle of wine that we had only half-finished. Even more disappointed. We ended up drinking most of the wine and paid for the meal. Feeling rather sleepy after all the good food and wine, we walked across from the Cove Bar and Dining to the park with views of the Brisbane River and the Goodwill Bridge. I spotted some deck chairs available and moved one over next to the other free one and my husband and I had a nap in comfort. It was a lovely day, if a little warm at 34 o C.  After a while some council workers woke us up and took the deck chairs away and we made our way back to the South Bank train station, headed for home in Cleveland.
An enjoyable day with a free bottle of wine courtesy of Free Wines and their easy to use App that allows you to order a bottle of wine for free once you spend $100 in a participating restaurant. We will be using the service again, next time in a restaurant with a license that allows you to take home the bottle. Or be in a larger party than two so that the bottle can be shared. Cove Bar and Dining
River Quay, Sidon Street, South Bank 4101 PH: (07) 3844 3993 | E: Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 11:30 – 22:00 Sat: 08:00 – 23:00 Sun: 08:00 – 18:00
We dined courtesy of Free Wines

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