Monday, 27 August 2012

In my cellar: Apple Ciders of the World

When selecting something to drink I usually lean towards apple cider. 

For one thing it doesn't contain gluten and doesn't cause as much bloating properties as beer does. Wine has a lot of sulphur preservative which my body doesn't tolerate well.

Thanks to large Liquor stores like Dan Murphy's there has been an influx of ciders from all over the world. Tonight I decided to try and order some products from Dan Murphy's online store and have it delivered since my nearest store is Victoria Point, QLD - quite a distance from me.

I found a filtering feature tonight that I hadn't noticed before. 


I decided to buy a few bottles from different countries and have a taste testing to sample the flavour differences. 

Bulmers Blackcurrant Cider 500mL

Bulmers Blackcurrant Cider is a natural fruit fermented cider that takes its lead from the popular mixer called 'Cider & Black', this delicious blend delivers an amazing cascade of refreshing blackcurrant flavours with the crisp and clean flavours of fresh apples. Bulmers Blackcurrant is best served ice cold, poured over ice in a chilled, tall glass.

$5.99 a bottle 

Old Mout Boysencider 750mL

Old Mout Boysencider is the ingenious union of refreshing apple cider with succulent boysenberry wine - creating a drink that’s the best of both worlds. Created by the world class ciders producer at Old Mout, this flavoured cider, simply bursting with berries, is a sure fire winner this summer!

$9.89 a bottle
$47.99 per case of 6

Green Goblin Cider 500mL

Fermented in 100 year old oak vats this English Cider at 6% has fresh characteristics with a well balanced medium dry finish.

$7.99 a bottle
$79.99 per case of 12

Westons Old Rosie Scrumpy Flagon 2L

"One of our favourites here at Dan Murphy's. Old Rosie now comes in a fabulous 2L flagon for the ultimate serious cider lover or as a perfect party starter."

$19.95 a bottle

See them all at Dan Murphy's

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