Sunday, 5 April 2015

Thai Siam, Cleveland, Brisbane: Moreton Bay Bugs; BBQ Pork with Plum Sauce

It's date night and we had booked a table at Thai Siam in Queen Street, Cleveland for Easter Saturday. We arrive at 6pm and there are already most of the tables filled. It's a nice Autumn night and the aroma of food in the air is intoxicating.

We settle down with the drinks menu first. Hubby chooses a Crown Lager and I opt for a Cosmopolitan cocktail. It's delicious!

Next we peruse the menu for what seems like the twentieth time. I go for a favourite meal of Moreton Bay Bugs with Salt & Pepper seasoning. Hubby chooses BBQ Pork with Plum sauce.

[ Moreton Bay Bugs with Salt & Pepper Seasoning ($28) ]

[ BBQ Pork with Plum Sauce ($19) ]

There were five halves of  Moreton Bay bugs and they were delicious. I could only eat three because I had eaten a large lunch but what I did have I loved. Hubby was the same, he loved what he could eat but he didn't eat much. That just means dinner is sorted tonight! 

I ordered some Dragon Pearl Thai green tea from the drinks menu. I was curious as I hadn't heard of it before. Anna informed me that the tea leaves were in tiny balls and that the tea was very nice. She was right - I loved the flavour, as did hubby, It was very nice to cleanse the palate after the Moreton Bay bugs. 

Another amazing night at the Thai Siam restaurant. We will definitely be back!
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