Friday, 18 January 2013

Little Indian Palace Restaurant

The first restaurant that I visited on moving to Cleveland, QLD in November, 2011 was the Little Indian Palace. My Aunty Josie (pictured in the photo above) suggested it and we were glad she did. I had hoped to dine inside the restaurant but my Aunt preferred to take the food back to her house and eat it there. As such I didn't remember to take photos but suffice it to say the food was amazing. 

I ordered a Butter Chicken and it was everything you would hope for. The Vindaloo was very spicy and was also very popular. Despite my intolerance of gluten I also ordered some Garlic Naan bread. Mmm... Naan! Amazingly we still had room for poppadoms and rice and raita (cucumber and yoghurt). 

We will be visiting Little Indian Palace Restaurant again soon with our Entertainment Card. The voucher gives the bearer 25% off the bill so I will be buying four meals and returning to my Aunt's house once more to share a tasty meal. 

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