Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pizza Capers - All New Pizza of the Day at Redlands Bay

A new promotion for the Redlands Bay, QLD store is a $10 Regular pizza or $15 Large pizza.

Each day has a favourite pizza selected

Monday - Capers Supremo
Tuesday - Troppo
Wednesday - Bonanza
Thursday - BBQ Chicken & Bacon
Friday - Vegetarian
Saturday - Margherita
Sunday - Pepperoni

For $3 extra you can upgrade to one of their signature pizzas including the amazing 97% fat free Savannah seafood pizza or my new favourite the Reef & Beef. So good with that swirl of hollandaise sauce. Yumm!

Tonight I visited my local Cleveland store and unfortunately they didn't offer the Cheaper Tuesday deal but had a Dinner for 4 meal deal

There is no visit to Pizza Capers without partaking of some of their amazing gelato and sorbet! Tonight's choice was Limoncello. Mmm.... Lemon sherbet! $5 a small tub or $10 for the large. Trust me - it is worth every cent! Other flavours include Pistacio, White Chocolate Frangelico, Belgian Chocolate and Mango.

I <3 Pizza Capers!

To find a Pizza Capers near you visit their website below.

I shared my dinner for four and gelato with my Aunt and Uncle and my husband who thanked me repeatedly. The next time my Aunt and Uncle visit my cousin near Redland Bay store they will call in and get one of the Daily Specials. I love Pizza Capers - Gourmet Everyday!

At my Aunt's house I snapped some iPhone photos of our pizzas. They tasted better than they look! The hollandaise sauce on the Reef and Beef pizza made it oh so delicious! And the Savannah 97% fat free seafood pizza was divine as always!

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