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An Evening in the Raw with Kristine Matheson @ Wray Organic Market and Cafe, Cleveland QLD

Last night my husband and I went along for a special presentation by Kristine Matheson and her husband held at our local Wray Organic Market and Cafe in Cleveland, Brisbane South East.
It ran from 6pm until 8pm and cost $20 including light refreshment. I keep up to date on events happening at Wray Organic Market and Cafe through their Facebook pages.

I had seen 'An Evening in the RAW' presentation advertised in Wray Organic Market and Cafe newsletters and website a few months ago and I was so happy to see it was on again.

Kristine had cancer and was a self-professed 'wild child' who was eating and drinking all the wrong things. She was also absorbing all the chemicals, additives, preservatives, perfumes and artificial colours that is making us all sick. She worked long and hard eating a clean food, raw food and live food diet. Removing alcohol and other non-essential comforts from her diet and cured herself of CANDIDA which is present in the GUT of many Australians today and responsible for many of the diseases and cancers we have.

What we buy and object our bodies to does have an effect. Rather than crying about a symptom it is time to get back to basics and find pleasures from things other than highly processed and junk foods which we are addicted to. Eating a diet that is ALKALINE and supports GUT health. Food for fuel and to meet nutritional requirements. Counting Nutrients Not Calories!

Much like Don Chisholm's book "Do you have the GUTS to be really HEALTHY", Kristine talked about being very vigilant about what you expose your body to. That you are not just what you EAT, but what you ABSORB. Everything from the water you drink, the food you eat, the products you use in your home, the body perspirant (that has been linked with BREAST CANCER) and even the chlorine and impurities in the shower water you use.

Kristine follows a RAW DIET and has created an ALKALINE diet for people with CANDIDA. My husband and I arrived late because my blood sugar level dropped yesterday after fasting for a blood test that didn't eventuate (I returned this morning). I was sitting on the lounge dropping off to sleep at 7pm after a 5.30am start and then woke with a fright realising the presentation had already started lol

We quickly put our jackets on and jumped onto our mobility scooters and headed through the path, across the road into Bloomfield St and then to Ross Court (near Queensland Transport, Allied Health Centre, Pizza Hut). When we arrived Kristine's husband was leading the group assembled in a Zumba-like exercise in the recess.

Then Kristine did a presentation on health issues that plague Australia and the world today

Pain relief -

An extract from her website:

“Read how I cured my terminal cancer naturally, and how you can too!”

krisbook Cancer Cure
“In 2005, I was diagnosed with Terminal Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer. The doctors gave me 12 months to live. I refused to give up, and in 5 months I manage to cure my cancer naturally, with no chemo, no radiation and no surgery. 8 years later, I am alive and kicking and still 100% cancer free!”
Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer?
What if I told you there was hope?  What if I told you that there is a natural cure for cancer?

Story of a Cancer Survivor and how she cured cancer

My name is Kristine Matheson. I’m the author of “Cancer to Wellness: The Forgotten Secrets”. I was diagnosed with terminal melanoma cancer in 2005. The doctor gave me 12 months to live and told me to get my affairs in order. I decided I wasn’t going to go down the conventional path of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Call me stubborn, but I didn’t believe in what the doctor said. I knew my time wasn’t up! Instead, I took the situation into my own hands. I took the natural approach, and 5 months later I was cancer free, and still am to this day.

The Forgotten Secrets

In my journey I have discovered what I call “The Forgotten Secrets” of cancer. I used these simple, and natural protocols to heal my ‘terminal’ cancer in just 5 months. Through research and experimentation, I noticed something interesting and very exciting. These forgotten secrets work not only for cancer, but all other health problems as well!
I realised I had accomplished something really special, and that it was something the rest of the world should know about. So I decided to write the book “From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets”. It contains all the protocols I used to cure my cancer naturally, including nutrition, exercise, positive thoughts and absolutely delicious cancer fighting recipes.
I now want to share with you what’s in this book.

In this life transforming book, you will discover:

  • What can cause cancer in our bodies
  • The real effects of sugar on our body
  • What caffeine and alcohol do to our bodies
  • The truth about good fats and bad fats
  • Acid and Alkaline foods, including a pH chart
  • All about protein and its role in healing
  • Why water is so important
  • Why organic is necessary to healing disease
  • Digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Candida and the parasite connection (plus how to test and get rid of it!)
  • How to make food your medicine
  • My protocols to curing cancer
  • The role of exercise in preventing disease
  • Lifestyle guidelines


I provide you with a unique, and easy to follow 28 day nutritional & lifestyle program so you can heal from the inside out! Including simple, DELICIOUS, cancer fighting recipes (from breakfast, to dinner to anti-cancer ice cream, yummo!).

 Get your Book  NOW


-------------- Testimonials -------------

What some other people have to say
“Kristine Matheson is one of the most positive and courageous women that I have ever known.  Having been diagnosed with a stage four terminal melanoma in 2005, she refused conventional  therapy. She gathered all the information available on natural health and nutrition, and then  designed her own path to wellness. Her victory has become an inspiration to thousands of cancer  sufferers around the world through her enthusiastic public seminars and her motivating book.   Many people, when faced with a crisis, similar to Kristine’s 2005 death sentence, give up, break down or retreat into themselves. Kristine did none of these. She courageously challenged herself to  learn more about health, and then share her knowledge with the world. She has helped many  discouraged victims move forward and take control of their own health, then triumph without the  use of drugs or radiation.  Her book “From Cancer to Wellness – The Forgotten Secrets” contains a  wealth of information which details her experiences and research during her personal journey to health.  
Kristine has been associated with Living Valley Springs since her diagnosis. From that time to the  present, she has diligently treated her body as a precious gift from God. She has looked after it with  proper nutrition, exercise, sunlight, water, rest and balance. She is willing to coach anyone who comes to her for help, and she has often taken disheartened cancer sufferers into her home, where  she has personally cared for them, instructed them and guided them to a successful outcome.  
Kristine is an inspiring and exceptional woman. She is a vital advocate in raising awareness of the necessary role of nutrition and natural therapy in the treatment of cancer. Her passion for health education has produced many positive results within our local and wider communities. To call   Kristine Matheson a heroine would be an understatement. Kristine is a giant, a champion, yet a  humble, unselfish, philanthropic lifesaver who has not only saved her own life, but also the lives of  many others.”   - Gary Martin ND. AFAIM  Managing Director of Living Valley Springs
 In early 2010, I was in Australia fundraising for my wellness centre and someone gave me a book to read called ‘From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets’. – I could not put it down. I was so impressed with her book and her thoughts on raw food that I immediately asked if she would contribute some of her recipes and she kindly has”.  Olivia Newton-John Celebrity Singer/Actress
“Hi Kristine. Thank you for delivering your book personally to me, and all the help you provided – I was in a state of panic when we met. Your book was easy to read and even with my language difficulties I was able to understand your handbook. It took me only five months to be very healthy again thanks to you, and the information in your wonderful book”  - Marie  Burleigh Heads, Queensland
“From Cancer to Wellness – the forgotten secrets’ is simply brilliant, and Kristine speaks honestly and very informatively about this loaded subject which will affect all of us in some way at some time.
Her take on the cancer wellness industry is extremely well researched and the alternate path which she successfully took is simply inspiring. This book epitomises my own personal beliefs on the subject and strongly reminds me why I do what I do here at Unique, which is to represent alternate products that support a healthy immune system.”  – Dale Parkes  Managing Director  Unique Health Products
“Since meeting Kristine 5 months ago, my life has turned around.  I was an overweight, unfit, unhealthy 60 year old who was looking at escalating health problems (cholesterol, blood pressure, joint pain and the onset of diabetes ).  Now I am fitter, thinner and with no health problems that I am aware of.
My mental attitude has changed for the better.  My lifestyle has improved and I get up every morning, looking forward to the day and the future.
Without Kris’s advice, care, knowledge and support, I was looking at a sad ongoing life.  Her awareness of what goes on and her ability to “give”, is a bonus to all who meet her.” 
 – Barbara  Parkwood Queensland

By The Time You’ve Finished Reading “From Cancer to Wellness: The Forgotten Secrets” … You’ll Feel Like A New Person, With A New, More Positive Outlook!

You will also be equipped with some amazing information and tools to sculpt your health and your life to be the way you truly want it!
My passion has always been in education of good nutrition and life enhancing protocols. These protocols contained within the pages of “From Cancer to Wellness” has not only saved my life – it has saved countless others.

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