Thursday, 11 July 2013

Are you suffering from illness, disease and depression? Heal yourself and be truly happy!

There are some people who are so stuck in their own mindset that nothing positive or helpful gets through. There is a quote which comes to mind

'The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result'.

I have been that person in the past, hearing people give me helpful, friendly advice on how to improve my health and my life by diet, living clean food and products, positive affirmations, meditation and spending time in nature but not listening because of my mental health and physical health state. I was resentful and took everything as an insult because I was in a depression and wasn't willing to switch from 'eating for comfort' to 'food for fuel' and 'food and supplements for healing my health'.

So many people I love are crying on my shoulder about being sick and in pain, suffering with diseases that can be healed with meditation and clean food, and a positive outlook. There comes a time when you look at your life and realise that only YOU can keep you SUFFERING and only YOU can change your life and your mindset to be truly HEALTHY and HAPPY :)

It is so hard seeing people killing themselves through diet, mental health (suicide attempts, anorexia, anxiety disease, agoraphobia, psychotic episodes) when I know how easy it would be for them to turn their life around. I know, I've lived through it!

I have such low reserves of energy as it is, I am not wasting it on people who tell me all their problems, I research for HOURS (sometimes 100s of hours) for solutions, talking to experts, reading research articles, going to the library, compiling notes etc only to have the person totally ignore me and abuse me, then go back to their unhealthy lifestyles in 'victim' mode', preferring to 'SUFFER' and be a 'MARTYR', stating that they don't do anything for themselves - always for others.

I've had enough of being a camel carrying people on my back. It has been killing me, literally. Now I'm just blogging and sharing online and sending people links. If they want to change their life they will. Until then, I will be removing them from mine as they are a threat to my physical, spiritual and mental health. 

I share everything from my journey, including my life story in the hopes that people can relate to some of the things I have been through and my journey towards a happy, healthy life filled with adventures and enjoying the wonders of nature and life going on around them, that they have turned their backs on and retreated inwards to what is comfortable.

I urge everyone to please read the book:

"Do you have the GUTS to be truly HEALTHY"

It is a condensed version of what I have researched over the past twenty (20) years and helps me maintain my Addisons Disease,  Anxiety, Depression, Autistic meltdowns, Candida, Fibromyalgia, Joint Pain, Stomach ulcers, and much more.

"His Clear and Straight Forward Advice is Not Only Good for You, it Encourages You to Really Question the Value of the Modern Healthy Diet"   Deborah White
"We all want to be healthy but very few of us are actually healthy, let alone really healthy.
Don's approach is working for thousands of people who come from all over the world and with a wide variety of conditions. 
With disease on an ever increasing scale it is now apparent that almost all inhabitants of the western world are heading towards one disease or another. It seems that everyone has something that needs attention or conditions that are not showing signs of improvement.
The message is this, 

“We are not what we eat, we are what we absorb" 

and this is the very issue Don has concentrated on for the last 10 years. It is with these concept conditions even decades old have gone in a few months. 
Sugar cravings curved, energy increased, short term memory improvement, 47 years of diarrhoea gone in 60 days, autistic children going to normal school, operations cancelled, all by learning the simplicity of being healthy and it is all done by simply improving the gut.
For too long we have used products that simple mask the problem, pain killers for pain with no attention to why the pain, antibiotics with little attention to enhancing the immune system or antidepressants without considering the view that

the body is not healthy, and depression 
is a representation of that feeling.  

Have you got the guts points out the many myths that we have been led to believe are good for us, when in truth they are detrimental to our very existence. Don spent over 10 years traveling the world and worked in many clinics all over the world in his quest for his own health. The end result is a belief that 

there are no conditions that cannot be improved; 
many that supposedly have no cure are just a 
matter of dehydration combined with malnutrition.  

So do you feel you have the GUTS to be really HEALTHY? Read Dons approach to health and see how easy it would be to be one or two rungs higher on your health scale.
An easy read with proven results."

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