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Mind Body Spirit Festival - New Products

New Products From organic skincare to spiritual CD’s, books for personal development, teas and more, see what’s new at the 2013 Brisbane June Festival!

(Source: http://www.mbsfestival.com.au/newproduct.htm )

Gatsby – Sistaco

The beautiful Gatsby, large black cuff, is a stunning piece to add to any outfit. It is a thick black arm cuff with diamante detailing on the front. It can be dressed up or dressed down to suit any occasion.
Visit us on Stand B19 or www.sistaco.com.

Pura Veda Coconut Yoghurt – Conscious Foods

Pura Veda Coconut Yoghurt is a great alternative to dairy yoghurt and tastes fantastic. Packed with the goodness of lauric acid and other essential fatty acids. Coconut Milk is known for health benefits such as promoting healthy thyroid function, antifungal and antibacterial properties, lowering levels of LDL, maintaining the body’s immune system and much more.
Visit us for a taste at Stand A04 orwww.consciousfoods.com.au.

Angel Staircase: Meditations for Healing - AOK Angels

This is the second album in the exquisite Angel Staircase series of guided meditations composed and narrated by Michelle Newton of AOK Angels.
Each meditation is accompanied by heavenly Angelic music which ensures pure relaxation and soothes the soul. 
Visit Stand C50 or www.aokangels.com.au.

100% Natural Oral Care – Essential Notes

Tooth Tonic applies the healing, protective properties ofessential oils to the total care of your teeth and gums. The anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties of the essential oils in this oral health product are carefully chosen to help in the treatment of gingivitis (gum disease) and tooth decay.
Visit www.essentialnotes.com.au or Stand A44.

Luxurious Eye Mask – Unimed Brisbane

Designed to provide maximum comfort and block out excessive light when sleeping and travelling. Made from natural fibres where possible. 100% silk backing, bamboo fill, silk or brocade casing. The eye mask is available in a number of great colours, and comes in two sizes with adjustable straps to suit each face.
Visit Stand B22 or www.universalmedicine.com.au.

Beetroot Powder – UniMed Brisbane

Naturopathic food product range designed to add high quality nutrition, flavour and texture with a unique culinary edge. All products add rich nourishment in simple-to-use and versatile ways in cooking or as accompaniment.
Enjoy a sample at Stand B22 and visitwww.universalmedicine.com.au.

Remember Everything is Possible – Golden Box Meditation

This book gives you a simple, yet powerful tool that will teach you a technique to create and manifest whatever you desire.
You will learn how to negate the doubt cycle, dissolve blockages and most importantly, learn how to make the intangible tangible and the impossible possible!
Visit Stand E05 or www.goldenboxmeditation.com.au.

JQ5 Painpod – HiDow Australia

The JQ5 Painpod system is the recent TENS/EMS system range to be launched, which has more therapeutic benefits than any personal TENS machine on the market. It is ideal for pain sufferers and those in the elite sports faculty who wish to maintain ultimate fitness levels, strengthen and improve muscle weakness, and increase blood circulation to any injuries and to speed up the recovery process.
Find out more at Stand F45 or www.hidow.com.au.

Red Velvet Frappe – Kenya Tea

A velvet, smooth cake batter taste with rich cocoa and a luscious red colour. Now you can have your favourite cupcake and drink it too!
Visit Stand B25 or www.kenteco.com.

Coconut Cream Frappe – Kenya Tea

Experience sweet creamy perfection with delicious bits of real island coconut.
Visit Stand B25 or www.kenteco.com

How Kinesiology Works - Kinesiology Schools Australia

Want to know how Kinesiology works? 
“If you have been searching for BETTER HEALTH and a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE but haven’t found the answer……This book will give you the answers and explain HOW KINESIOLOGY WORKS!” in lay man’s language.
Come visit Danny at the Kinesiology Schools Australia stand no.C75 to pre-order your copy of How Kinesiology Works.

Visit Stand C75 or www.kinesiologyschools.com.au.

Unlock Your Love Blocks Oracle Cards –Living Wide Awake

The Unlock Your Love Blocks Oracle Cards bring messages from above and within that are powerful and compassionate. These cards guide you straight to the core of why you have “blocks” in your life and the keys to overcome them so you may have love and discover your life purpose.
Visit Stand D31.

BeAsleep Sleep Balm – Naturlea

BeAsleep Sleep Balm is a natural and organic balm created with pure essential oils, which are deeply relaxing and calming. Lemon and Mandarin clear the mind while Bergamot, Chamomile, Cederwood Atlas and Lavender help to soothe the body.
Visit Stand B48 or www.naturlea.com.

Chakra Priestess Sculptures – New Earth Art

Handmade from stoneware clay and natural crystals by Heidi Woodman of New Earth Art at Stand E19.
The crown and dress of the heart chakra and crown chakra priestesses are encrusted with crystals traditionally associated with each chakra.

Visit Stand E19 or www.newearthart.com.au.

Child of Light Meditation and Affirmations Book – Transference Healing

This unique meditation book takes your child on a magical journey that supports them to heal fears, tensions and worries, while also introducing them to meditative practice.  These 25 distinct and powerful meditations and the accompanying colourful affirmation cards allow parents, friends and loved ones the opportunity to connect with children in a fun and imaginative way.
RRP:  $68
Visit Stand C33.

Alchemy & Lightbody Meditation CD - Transference Healing

This CD contains four unique and very powerful frequency healing and ascension meditations. 
They connect you to the light grid of the Earth and cosmos to support the integration of crystalline frequencies and light technology, allowing you to purify, clear pain and integrate ether and light, shifting you into a higher vibration to attain new levels of wellness and enlightenment.
RRP:  $35
Visit Stand C33

Child of Light Meditation CD -Transference Healing

This CD of 7 meditations allows your child to utilise the creative power of their intuitive imagination.  As they journey into magical worlds, these meditations create a powerful energetic healing process that is not only fun and inspirational, but create overall wellness in the body and consciousness.
Suitable for children aged 5 – 15.
RRP:  $35
Visit Stand C33.

Soul Regression Therapy - Past Life Regression CD - by Lorna Jackson

Lorna Jackson is a leading Past Life Regression Therapist and Trainer in Australia, trained by Dr Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon and The Michael Newton Institute.  Lorna designed this CD to assist you to tune into your inner guidance, remember your past lives to clear any blockages or karmic contracts. 
Visit stand D25 or www.spiritualregression.com.au.   

Biomax – Relief Plus Products

The most complete defence against the visible signs of ageing in a daily oil. This specialised skincare product was formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its unique formulation is also highly effective for ageing and dehydrated skin. It helps improve the appearance of new and old scars, helps to reduce the possibility of stretch marks formed during pregnancy, teenage growth spurts and rapid weight gain or loss. Visitwww.cellandskinscare.com or Stand A46

"Become Your Own Psychic" Full Day Workshop - Francis Bevan

If you are a beginner or advanced on your spiritual path and guiding others, there is plenty to gain by doing this Full Day Workshop.
This workshop will enable you to trust your intuition and develop your psychic abilities. It will help you gain insights into your own future and that of loved ones, in-turn helping  you to make the right decisions that will help to improve your love life, career, finances, health, family life and spiritual awareness.
Visit Stand E54.

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