Monday, 8 July 2013

A visit from Nancy Kent of the Inspiration Garden

On July 1st Nancy Kent from The Inspiration Garden - Neighbourhood Permaculture Garden came to visit my home, laden down with two big baskets full of fresh produce from her garden or those in a co-operative with The Inspiration Garden. 

The first big basket contained potatoes, a huge pumpkin, garlic, broccoli, apples, tomatoes, a pile of mixed greens and some nasturtium flowers on top. 

The second contained bananas, lemons, passionfruit and oranges. 

Fruit placed in a box from Nancy's basket

Beautiful juicy lemons!!! 

The massive pumpkin with potatoes fresh from the garden

And a picture of a salad I made the next day using the broccoli, tomato, celery (purchased earlier), mixed greens, and tomato - dressed in a mix of balsamic vinegar and Udos oil (mix of really healthy oils - available at health food stores and Wray Organic Market and Cafe. 

I have to say that I have almost made my way through the amazing fresh produce and I have never felt healthier! It is such an amazing feeling to know that everything I am putting into my mouth is organic and locally sourced, handled with love and care. 

It also made me feel good that I am helping to support an amazing Open Garden and Co-Operative that is actively opening their garden to the public, running workshops on permaculture, preparing the soil, sustainable gardens and other amazing services to the public that are struggling to put good wholesome food on the table. 

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"It was decided to launch the garden on 10/10/10 as a event ( encouraged many volunteers from around Brisbane to come and assist. Permablitz organised the permaculture design consultant and the “Permablitz” event, ( ) and also provided a few volunteers to join in to complete the initial work required. The Garden gained support from Transition East and Brisbane Organic Growers Inc. Bruce Ham from BOGI agreed to attend on the day and assist with soil testing and information which was invaluable for soil creation. Neighbours pitched in as well creating plenty of opportunity to strengthen friendships."

The Inspiration Garden is in Morningside, located 9km from Brisbane, and 22km from Cleveland, QLD where I live. It is near the Morningside train station which I will travel to soon to visit the garden, taking along my husband to learn more about permaculture and creating a Sustainable garden filled with edible plants, companion gardening, mulching, worms - and much more. 

How can I Help?

"There are several ways you can be involved.

  • Just reply by email to say you like this. (moral support)
  • Provide professional help in the form of sessions and discussion groups at bi monthly events.
  • Think of an activity and help this to happen at an event
  • Contact us at the garden on 0407 059 509 if you have something to donate in the way of gardening materials.
  • Financial assistance in the way of donations are always welcome.

Volunteers are always welcome on early mornings or late afternoons, to potter around. The work is not arduous or back-breaking and is a pleasant way to spend and hour or two. Telephone Nancy to arrange a time 0407 059 509."
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"The Garden Project is reaching its first big milestone. Open Gardens Australia 28 and 29 September. Come along Friends and help make this inspired project really sing. Looking for donations of Scones , jam and cream for the hundreds of visitors we expect over the two days. Also helpers during the days."
( Source: Inspiration Garden Facebook Message 

The Inspiration Garden
118 Blackwood Avenue, Morningside

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