Friday, 20 June 2014

I won five tins of Griffiths Coffee on Jarrah Jungle giveaway

I can't believe it! I won five tins of Griffiths Coffee in the Jarrah Jungle giveaway. It arrived today.

 Four tins of Espresso and a tin of Mundial coffee (a World Cup special blend). 

 Griffiths Coffee , established in 1879, roast coffee in their state of the art facility, and are proud to produce Just Fair Coffee; the only Fair Trade organic product on the market that comes in a reusable and fully recyclable tin. Our Just Fair coffee is made from 100% Fair Trade and organically certified Arabica beans that are sourced from Honduras and Peru and roasted, blended and packed in Melbourne.

Just Fair coffee retails for $12.99 and has recently become available from independent supermarkets nationally.

Also, in the spirit of the World Cup, Griffiths have also created a limited-time, custom blend, Mundial 14, capturing the flavours and aromas of Brazil and South America.

If you want to know where in the world your coffee comes from you can visit the Just Fair Coffee website, tracing the source of the beans.

Just type in the used by code located on the tin and a page will load, showing you where the beans came from. It also lists initiatives that are supported with the purchase of your coffee. It's good to know your coffee is Fair Trade, that way you know that you are supporting countries that the coffee is grown in. Farmers are receiving a fair price and product treatment.

I cracked open the lid and opened the tin of Espresso coffee, inhaling its amazing aroma.

I filled up my coffee machine 'basket' with the coffee, patting it down and adding more until it was level. I tamped in the coffee then locked it back into place in my coffee machine and waited for the water to come to the right temperature. I then moved the lever so that the espresso came dripping out of the 'group handle'.  I added my sugar and milk and took a sip. Perfect! Lovely bold flavour and a lovely crema.

My Dr. Who mug that has a disappearing T.A.R.D.I.S. when it heats up. 

A big thanks to Jarrah Jungle for running their Griffiths Coffee competition. I still can't believe I won! You can keep up to date with Jarrah Jungle on Facebook and Griffiths Coffee on Faecbook to learn of new competitions.  I gave a tin to my cousin Adrian who loves his coffee. I am sure not to run out any time soon! Then again, I love my coffee and since trying Griffiths Coffee my intake might increase!

Finally, an infomatic from Griffiths Coffee's Facebook page:

I love my coffee! 

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