Sunday, 15 March 2015

Twilight Makers Markets at Raby Bay

One of the features of my calendar is the Twilight Makers Market in Raby Bay Marina, Cleveland.
It runs once a month on the fourth Saturday of the month. In March an extra Saturday was added (March 14th), to make up for the poor weather in February. 

I arrived at 4pm and the weather was lovely. There were quite a few people milling around and lots to see. I was on a mission to find something for my younger sister's baby shower and was lucky enough to find three stalls that catered to clothing for newborns. I ended up buying two lovely rompers with the same design - one in 0000 and another in 000. Each was $20. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar romper by Lana Berry. 

I also picked up a cute dinosaur bib by Top Knots & Piggy Tails

There was live music by the sculpture which filtered through the market and made it a lovely environment. It was a lovely Autumn afternoon and many people threw money into the guitar case, thanking the duo as they enjoyed the music. 

My favourite stall at the market is Woodrock Turning - a husband and wife team that make cute little (and big!) wooden mushrooms perfect for a fairy garden or in a corner of your house.

New to the range is the mushroom fairy houses. I bought one for me (purple) and one for my aunt (red).

Aren't they cute? I feel like a little kid every time I visit their store. Such friendly people, too!
You can buy some of their products at their etsy store

I then bought some earrings for a birthday girl.

And some bag charms

I was feeling hungry after visiting all the stalls and found a new stall called Culantro Street Food. The vermicelli salad caught my eye. "Delicious Vermicelli salad, topped with BBQ Marinated Pork served hot with Coriander, Chilli, Cucumber, Carrot, Parmesan Cheese, Mayo, Shallots, Finished with Asian sauce. Yumm!

It was  very tasty and filling! I shared some with my husband who loved the BBQ Pork.

Another great visit to the Twilight Makers Market located in Raby Bay Marina, Cleveland QLD.

Twilight Makers Market, Raby Bay Cleveland

Raby Bay Harbour Park, Shore Street West
Cleveland, Queensland
0450 258 700
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