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Article: Detox with Green Juice

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Finding the right detox method should come naturally right? There are a vast amount of detox methods available today. From tablets to fasting or even drinking over the counter liquids made up of ingredients we can't even pronounce. Aside from all these options, have you ever considered the juice detoxing method?
Many people go on a juice detox thinking it is a quick solution to weight and existing health problems. Instead of thinking this way, it is important to note that a juice fast should be undertaken as a tool to improving health through clean eating. Detoxing using the cold press juicing method is not an easy task, and quite frankly it takes determination to succeed.
Although you can juice with all vegetables and some fruits, juicing green vegetables has an extensive effect on the body's organs, and aids in releasing toxins, particularly those found in the liver. Leafy green vegetables release chlorophyll into the liver to encourage the breakdown of toxins by neutralizing them and aids overall liver function.

When detoxing with a cold press juicer the juice stays alive for 48-72 hours without compromising its living properties. This means large amounts of juice can be extracted and stored for drinking later.

Drinking green juice is perfect for detoxes as it helps the liver and provides maximum amounts of energy with minimum amount of effort. High in chlorophyll, it acts as a medicine by intensifying the oxygen flow. An increase in oxygen allows our liver to release toxins and stress from the body.

Properties of Common Green Vegetables:

· Anti-bacterial properties
· Anti-inflammatory
· Promotes cardiovascular health
Eating Tip: Blend basil with parmesan cheese, pines nuts and olive oil for a healthy homemade pesto

· Lower cholesterol
· Cancer prevention
· Healthy teeth & gums
· Weight loss – if you feel peckish between meals; an apple is the perfect way to fight the urge to snack on unhealthy treats
Eating Tip: Add apple to just about any COLD PRESSED JUICE to sweeten

· Lowers blood pressure
· Cleanses the blood, organs and digestive system
· Increases metabolism
· Combats obesity
Eating Tip: Grow your own wheatgrass at home with a wheatgrass sprouter and drink one shot of wheatgrass juice a day. Remember to use a cold press juicer to keep the vital enzymes alive

· High in potassium
· Extremely high in vitamin C
· High in dietary fibre to serve as a mild laxative
· Contains magnesium & vitamin E for healthy skin
Eating Tip: Eat whole or juice with the skins on for extra fibre

· Lowers cholesterol
· High in omega nine fatty acid
· High in potassium and dietary fibre
· Vitamins E, K & B6
Eating Tip: Blend in smoothies to replace dairy

· Combats free radicals that are responsible for medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer and mental illness
· High in vitamins A & K
Eating Tip: Dehydrate in a Food Dehydrator or bake in the oven with sea salt to make Kale Chips

· Vitamins A & C
· High in folate & dietary fibre, potassium & calcium
· Increases cancer-blocking enzymes
Eating Tip: Eat raw as a snack and dip into homemade hummus or soy mayonnaise

· Combats prostate cancer
· Anti-inflammatory
· Antioxidant
· High in Vitamin K for bone health
Eating Tip: Use baby spinach leaves in your salads – drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with toasted pine nuts

· High in vitamins K, C & A
· Reduces blood acidity by cleaning muscle tissues
· Anti-inflammatory
Eating Tip: Steam for 3 minutes and serve with a squeeze of lemon

Our Favourite Green Juice Recipes

Zucchini & Mint Juice
This recipe is so fresh and only takes minutes to taste the flavour. Simply juice the ingredients through your cold press juicer.
1 zucchini
4 celery sticks
6 kale leaves
Half a lime
2 green apples
Handful of mint

Spicy Spinach & Coriander Juice
A recipe which will spice up the detox and make your organs kick start.
Handful of spinach
1 cucumber
1 green chilli
Handful of coriander
½ lime
2 green apples

Cool Cucumber Juice
The perfect juice if you are feeling low in energy.
1 cucumber
2 celery sticks
Handful mint

Ultimate Green Juice
This is the perfect recipe: giving you nutrients, minerals and oxygen you need to revitalise and rejuvenate.
4 celery stalks
1/2 Cucumber
1 Cup of Sunflower Sprouts
5 Leave/Stalks Kale or Spinach
3 Leaves/Stalks of Swiss Chard
This is an unsweetened recipe. To make it sweeter simply add green apple or carrot.

Find More Green Juice Recipes in this fantastic book by Theresa Foy and brian R Clement:

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