Saturday, 21 June 2014

Thai Siam Restaurant: Deep fried oysters, salt & pepper Moreton Bay bugs

 A cold Winter's night and I was craving the Thai Siam's deep fried oysters.

Hubby agreed that it was a good idea to brave the weather and dine at our favourite restaurant in Cleveland.

We had ordered the deep fried oysters before and kept oohing and aahing with happiness.

We just love our seafood, and most especially oysters. My Father once tended an oyster lease and I would eat the oysters fresh off the rocks, swished in salt water and straight down my mouth. Yumm! But I digress. We quickly order the oysters from the entrees menu.

Apologies for the flash flare but we were sitting outside and the level of light demanded a flash be used.

The oysters are so plump and delicious, double the size of normal oysters. All too soon they were gone.

Deep fried oysters  half dozen (18)

Next we ordered some Moreton Bay bugs with salt and pepper ($28).

I had been wanting to try them for a long time and I decided tonight was the night.

The restaurant was busy so we had a wait after our oysters but we didn't mind. The smell was amazing when they arrived. Four half Moreton Bay bugs sitting on a fresh salad with tomato,  salad and chilli.

The flesh pulled out of the shells easily, sweet and delicious with a flavour of garlic, salt and pepper. I picked as much as I could out of the shell, nibbling at the crispy legs which were crunchy and nicely seasoned with salt and pepper. I could have ordered another portion - it was THAT good!

The salad was fresh, peppered with chilli that gave a nice gentle warmth. Very nice accompaniment.

Another great night at the Thai Siam. We talked to Anna Luam about ordering a  mud crab  special for next week. I keep seeing photos of cooked mud crabs on the Thai Siam Facebook page and when I go into the restaurant the special isn't on.

I also conversed with her about MenuLog, a website where you can order meals from restaurants online. She said she would look into it. More on that later.

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Thai Siam Restaurant

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