Sunday, 3 February 2013

Review: Thai Siam, Cleveland has moved!

I love visiting new places to eat and drink but sometimes you just feel like returning to a fond favourite. That's what Thai Siam is for my husband and I. The restaurant was once located in Wynyard Street, Cleveland but has since moved around the corner to Queen St, Cleveland,  a short stroll from Coles and Woolworths in Middle Street, Cleveland.

Tonight we were enjoying a warm night with a chance of rain. We sat outside at a table for two and watched the people walking by. I also appreciated the new decore of the restaurant and snapped away happily

Thankfully all my favourite meals were available on the menu. The decore may be new but the Thai and Cantonese cuisine was just as amazing as ever. 

My father started my obsession with oysters, feeding me them to me fresh from an oyster lease up at Tin Can Bay in Queensland, and feasting wherever we found them growing on rocks in water with  high water quality.

The oysters at Thai Siam are 2-3 times the average oyster size so I am quick to order them from the Entree menu.

This time we try them deep-fried. Yummmm!!! I wish I could buy another six but I remind myself to make room for the main and fragrant coconut rice.

Phil loves the oysters. My precious!

I sip on some green tea whilst we wait for main course. Roast duck with red curry sauce.

I love the vibrancy of this teapot, which my old Indian doctor would say is a spiritual colour worn by the holy men. I know it has a calming effect and is similar hue to the sauce that arrives.

Red Curry Duck arrives. My favourite! 

The meat is so sweet and juicy and the red curry sauce on coconut rice is divine. I can only have it rarely as there is a lot of fat but oh my goodness the taste is amazing! Plus I am sharing the main with my husband on a pile of coconut rice so I'm only eating half as much as I normally would. Such decadence!

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Thai Siam Restaurant

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